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Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Children Story Books Ensuring Good Nurturing of Children for a Better Tomorrow #ChildrenStoryBook

Whether one is getting this experience for the first time or have kids, parenting experience cannot be define in word. There is no denying the fact that anything can be more important for parents that encouragement children for a better tomorrow. Pointless to say, it is one of the energetic steps for their better prospect. Like other parents, if you are also one of them who want to teach their children, then you have a better opportunity to nourish them and pave the way for better future by providing them latest activity books, children story books and shortened masterpieces. It is one of the right ways of cultivating them for a better tomorrow. There are numerous added benefits of providing such books to kids.

Developing better platform for children to learn with fun books is one of the thought-provoking ways for parents. It not only brands kids able to achieve best in the class rooms, but also make them able to study the society and the world in a good way. Welfares are limitless of having good children picture books and educational books. But because of lack of time and specific other motives parents hardly find the right store. If you are also one of them, then you have a well opportunity to buy books online from the comfort of home.

Discover a Renowned Book Store for Children Story Books and Picture Books

Today, there are numerous acclaimed book stores that have become popular names in the market. In addition to this, you can also ask for educational books and activity books directly from publications depots. Today, there are numerous books from believed publishing imprint of renowned stores that looks forward to present children with marvelous and educational books, activity books that they can learn with fun books to improve their knowledge and skills.

These books not only satisfy your loved kid's never ending quest for information, but also inspire the nurture their creative instincts. Macaw is also a big name in the industry that is a synonym with vibrancy and liveliness. It is juxtaposed with novelty and innovation. Being a company of marque, the book range caters to toddlers, young children, adolescents. Choice is yours, you will acquire every kind of book ranging from picture book to activity book, retold fairy tales & fables, children classic fictions, non-fiction, all featuring state of the art books, vibrant illustrations and livery, easy to follow text, graphic comics and the list goes on.

From the Wolf & The Seven Little Kids to Miracle of Christ, you have various options. In addition some of the amazing books include the Frog Prince, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, Elves and The Shoemaker, The Bremen Town Musician, Vastu Aur Feng Sui, Environment Science, Quantitative Reasoning Practice to a lot more. Choice is yours; you have to choose the right one and place your order online.

There is no denying the fact that these Children's educational books play a pivotal role in sharpen your love birds' mind and make them able to learn more in the class rooms. For parents who want to polish the skills of their kids, certainly it is a good idea. So don't spend more time, stand in the queue of those parents providing better educational system to their kids.

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Sharing Classic Childrens' Stories #ChildrenStoryBook

Some of children's most cherished times at school are those times spent outside of the classroom. At recess time, children enjoy everything from playing athletic games like cops and robbers or tag, to beading bracelets and drawing pictures with their friends in the shade.

Reading books is another activity enjoyed by children. What can be even more enjoyable than reading books is having them read to us, by a teacher or librarian. The stories that are written for children are amongst the best in the world. We all remember our favorite children's stories, and moreover, probably reference them all the time. The morals taught in children's books stay with us throughout our lives.

Some of the most famous children's stories in the English speaking world include:

1. Little Red Riding Hood:

Moral: Don't trust strangers- or they might eat you!

2.The Three Little Pigs:

Moral: Even if you fail the first time, keep trying. A story of resourcefulness and cooperation when faced with danger.

3. Pinocchio:

Moral: Don't tell lies.

4. Jack and the Beanstalk:

Moral: There's always a catch. Usually when things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

5. Cinderella:

Moral: Be kind to your family.

6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

Moral: Be kind and good things will come your way.

7. The Hare and the Tortoise:

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race. And, be humble.

8. The Ant and the Grasshopper:

A story about saving money. Moral: Save now and prepare for the future.

9. The Ugly Duckling:

A story about the importance of loving yourself, and finding your place in this world.

Moral: Appreciate inner beauty and talents rather then focus purely on physical appearance.

10. The Boy Who Cried Wolf:

Moral: Always tell the truth because peoples' patience and trust will eventually wear thin.

Taking time out from a busy school day to share these stories with your young students is a wonderful way to teach them important lessons, while giving them the pleasure of enjoying a nice story and some time spent outdoors.

Taking a little trip to a grassy meadow where you and your students can park yourselves under a sheltering tree might be one way to enjoy these stories, sitting under a protective playground shelter might be another. Regardless of where you choose to share these iconic stories, children will always remember them. In fact, they'll probably share them with their own children one day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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The Donkey That Thought He Was Clever

Once upon a time….a donkey thought he was clever. Every day, his master harnessed him to a cart loaded with goods. They always went the same way to the village: along a wide path through the wood, down a gentle slope into farmland, then along the river to the ford and over the plain to the village.

Since the route was always the same, the donkey’s master had got into the habit of having a snooze on top of the cart, while the donkey, who knew the way by heart, plodded on.

Feeling unwell one day, the man decided to risk sending the donkey by himself, with a load for urgent delivery. When the animal returned, he was given a double ration of oats as a reward.

“Since you’re so clever at remembering the way, “the man said. “I’m going to send you alone always, then I can do other jobs!” And from then on, in all kinds of weather, the donkey travelled to the village by himself. His master was delighted.

However, one morning, when the donkey reached the river, he decided to shorten his journey by wading across the water. But he entered the river at a deep spot, much deeper than the donkey expected, and he had to swim against the current.

Luckily, he was carrying a load of salt that day, and some of it dissolved in the water, easing the donkey’s load, so that he reached the other side without much difficulty. “I am clever,” said the donkey, pleased with himself. “I’ve found a short cut.”
Next day, the man loaded the cart with sponges, and the donkey set off as usual. When he arrived at the river, he again thought he would take the short cut, and entered the water as he had done the day before. But this time, the sponges soaked up the water and made the cart heavy, so that the poor animal could not keep his head above water. And in spite of all his efforts, the donkey that thought he was so clever, sank below the surface of the water together with his load.

Lesson: Be smart in dealing with others and your undertakings. Don’t pride yourself to be clever with what you’re doing when in fact, you don’t know the basic of the matter.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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The Conference of The Mice

Once upon a time…there was a large tabby cat which, from the minute she arrived at the farm, spread terror among the mice that lived in the cellar. Nobody dared to go outside for fear of falling into the clutches of the awful cat.

The fast-shrinking mouse colony decided to hold a conference to seek a way of stopping themselves from becoming extinct. Taking advantage of the cat’s absence one day, mice of all ages streamed into the conference room. And certain that they could solve the matter, each one put forward a suggestion, but none of the ideas were really practical.

“Let’s build an outsize trap,” one mouse suggested. When this idea was turned down, another said: “What about poisoning her?” But nobody knew of a poison that would kill cats. One young widow, whose husband had fallen prey to the ferocious cat, angrily proposed: “Let’s cut her claws and teeth, so she can do no more harm.” But the conference did not approve of the widow’s idea.
At last, one of the mice, wiser than the rest, scrambled to the top of the lantern that shone over the meeting. Waving a bell, he called for silence: “We’ll tie this bell to the cat’s tail, so we’ll always know where she is! We’ll have time to escape, and the slow and weaker mice will hear her coming and be able to hide!”

A round of hearty applause met the wise mouse’s words, and everyone congratulated him on his original idea.
“…We’ll tie it so tightly that it will never come off!”

“… She’ll never be able to sneak quietly up on us again! Why, the other day, she suddenly loomed up right in front of me! Just imagine….”

However, the wise mouse rang the bell again for silence. “We must decide who is going to tie the bell on the cat’s tail,” he said. There was not a sound in the room except for a faint murmur: “I can’t, because…”

“Not me!” “I’d do it willingly, but…” “Neither can I….” “Not me!” “Not me!”

Nobody was brave enough to come forward to put the plan into action, and the conference of the mice ended without any decision being made.

Lesson: It’s often very easy to have bright ideas, but putting them into practice is a more difficult matter…

Thursday, January 30, 2014

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The Boot in the Jungle

In a jungle where no man went, there lived many a wild beast. One day they came across a strange object. It was a man’s boot. They had never seen a thing like it before.

“I am sure it’s the shell of a fruit,” said the bear.

“Rubbish!” said the wolf. “Can’t you see that it’s a nest? Here is the hollow in which the bird lays its eggs.”

“How can you be so foolish!” said the goat pointing to the long laces. “Look here, these are roots. So obviously it’s a plant.
A duck was listening to their argument. It said, “I have been to a land where many men live and this thing you see is called a boot. Men wear such things on their feet.”

“You keep out of this,” said the quarrelsome bear. “What you say can’t be true. We have seen no such thing and so we can’t believe you.”

“Believe what you want to, but remember that you can’t know everything.”

Lesson: Many things that you cannot see do exist in the world.

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The Animals and the Plague

Once upon a time…a terrible scourge swept through a huge forest, full of animals. It was the plague. One after the other, all the animals, big and small, strong and weak, died of the dreadful disease. None could hope to escape such a horrible fate, not even the lion himself, king of the forest. Indeed, it was the lion that gathered together the survivors, and said in a trembling voice: “This disaster is a punishment for our wicked ways. And I for one will admit I’ve been wicked. If you find me guilty, I’ll gladly give up my life if you think that would help you I in making amends for your own sins. So I confess that, during my lifetime, I’ve eaten many an innocent sheep.”

“But, Sire,” broke in one of the animals, “sure you don’t think that eating sheep is a serious sin. We too…we too…” And they all began to tell their own stories.

One by one, the animals told of their crimes against their neighbors. The leopard had killed on more than one occasion, the eagle had snatched rabbits and lambs, the fox and the wolf had stolen and murdered. Even the placid-looking owl had little birds and mice on his conscience. Everyone had some wicked-deed, serious, or otherwise, to confess. But each animal, after his confession, was forgiven by the others, all just as guilty, of course. Last came the donkey, who said with a mortified air: “I did a very wicked thing too. One day, instead of just grazing here and there, I ate two clumps of grass in a clover meadow, without permission. I was sorry afterwards, and I’ve had a guilty conscience about it ever since!”

All the animals glared at the donkey and, shouting and calling insults, they chorused: “So that’s who brought the plague on us! Stealing grass from a poor peasant! Shame on you!” And the fate of the donkey was decided unanimously.

Lesson: How often are innocent folk made to pay for the wicked deeds of guilty?