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Thursday, January 30, 2014

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The Boot in the Jungle

In a jungle where no man went, there lived many a wild beast. One day they came across a strange object. It was a man’s boot. They had never seen a thing like it before.

“I am sure it’s the shell of a fruit,” said the bear.

“Rubbish!” said the wolf. “Can’t you see that it’s a nest? Here is the hollow in which the bird lays its eggs.”

“How can you be so foolish!” said the goat pointing to the long laces. “Look here, these are roots. So obviously it’s a plant.
A duck was listening to their argument. It said, “I have been to a land where many men live and this thing you see is called a boot. Men wear such things on their feet.”

“You keep out of this,” said the quarrelsome bear. “What you say can’t be true. We have seen no such thing and so we can’t believe you.”

“Believe what you want to, but remember that you can’t know everything.”

Lesson: Many things that you cannot see do exist in the world.


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